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The most portable and convenient massage product available. Quiet, powerful, lightweight (just 500 grams), and designed with ease in mind. The MINI BOOST, is ready to provide around the clock relief wherever you go. 

With the ability to fit into your pocket, there is now relief with you 24/7. Whether you need active recovery or are just looking to ease sore muscles, look no further than the MINI BOOST.

Incredibly light, portable, and powerful, with 4 intensity settings ready to deliver you the ultimate level of satisfaction.

The MINI BOOST was built for an on the go and active lifestyle offering what you need, whenever you need it. When it comes to battery life, it just keeps going and going. If you do find yourself in need of a charge, just plug in the USB-C and you’re on your way. No more carrying around bulky plugs. Reduce stress, ease sore muscles and improve performance anytime and any place!

Technical Specifications

  • 4 Speeds (900 - 3200 strokes per minute)
  • < 50 dB working sound level
  • Up to 6 hours of Li-ion battery life
  • 70w of force
  • 530gr weight
  • All metal body for a great grip
  • 24 month warranty

What's Included?

  • MINI BOOST massager
  • 2.900mAh Lithium-ion Battery (built in)
  • Elegant Hard Carrying Case
  • USB-C Charging Wire
  • 4 Removable Attachments
  • Retractiv manual in English with usage tips and instructions

32 reviews for MINI BOOST

  1. Danielle

    Incredibly convenient and portable! I take it with me everywhere I go now as it’s small and can fit in your handbag easily.

  2. Federico

    Highly recommend this.

  3. Oliver

    Great value. Use it everywhere.

  4. Adrian

    Perfect for active use on the go!!!

  5. Jeff

    The handle fits great in your hand so it’s pretty comfortable to use for a while.

  6. Vivian

    Small and active device. Great for gifts as well.

  7. Barbara

    Leggerissimo, lo metto in borsa e non si sente, molto carino e mi serve

  8. Gemma

    Great for on the go relief. It’s about the size of my phone, so it’s convenient to keep around.

  9. Christina

    Such a cute gift!!! Perfect for any gift giving occasions.

  10. Brandon

    Despite its small size, it really has impressive power.

  11. Theo

    It works well. I use it every night before bed from my feet up and in the mornings before getting out of bed. I’ve noticed it helps soothe my pains.

  12. Elsa

    I was introduced to this type of massager by a friend recently. What I love is how it is able to charge without plugging into a wall outlet. It truly is so portable.

  13. Darrell

    Works great. Was delivered very quickly.

  14. Melissa

    This is the only massage gun I’ve ever purchased and I’m really satisfied with it. It works great for quick and constant usage. I always have it with me due to its size. It fits in a bag and really it could fit in your pocket if need be. It actually lasts for a decent amount of time, but if you need to charge it, it’s super convenient having the USB charging ability.

  15. Veronica

    Just ordered three for my kids for Christmas. They’re an ideal gift.

    • Retractiv

      Thanks Veronica,
      let us know your kid’s feedback!

  16. Catherine

    Big massage in a mini size. I use it before my yoga to help loosen my muscles and prepare my body for activity. Having tried many handheld types before, I have a pretty good understanding of what is out there and this one definitely does the job.

  17. Toms

    Great product and great service. I received a message right after ordering and was updated that my order was being sent out almost immediately.

  18. Cliff

    My wife takes this everywhere with her since she travels a lot. Got me in her good books haha!

  19. Lukas

    Small but powerful and does the job. I didn’t know what to expect when I made the purchase as it is a small product, but it’s been a dream. This is the right size and power for me. It gives just the touch that I need.

  20. Johnny

    Incredibly fast shipping time. Thank you!

  21. Edward

    Really happy with my purchase. The product does the job.

  22. Chantel

    This was the perfect stocking stuffer for my Christmas shopping list. Love how small it is. My kids will love it.

  23. Addison

    Such a cute holiday gift, I wouldn’t hesitate to order a few more going forward. Not to mention, this mini thing is sooo convenient to have around when you want a little massage.

  24. Blaine

    Light and fits in your hand great

  25. Trixie

    Really great product for the price. The battery seems to last long and there’s no way to kill it in one sitting. I’ve been using it to ease tension in my neck and legs and it works great.

  26. Francine

    Just got this for Christmas and love it! Can’t wait to take it with me on all my travels. Such a great size.

  27. Rael

    Love how powerful this is. Tried it out and bought one. I’ve used various massage guns over the years, but they usually always break down quickly. So far, this one has held up to heavy usage. I always have it on and utilizing the highest settings and it’s still strong. So far so good.

  28. Mike

    This is perfect for travel due to the small size of it. The power is also really good and I love the case. Makes it really easy to always have this with you when you need it.

  29. Sherine

    So impressed with the quality. When I ordered it I did not think it would be so sturdy. Usually when you see these small ones they aren’t up to par. The second I touched this I was so impressed. It really feels like quality. Then once you turn it on it is very strong. Even the first setting is great. If you want something of quality then get this.

  30. Ahmad

    Rock solid! Straight turbo on this thing. Small but holy cow. It does the job to say the least.

  31. Dustin

    This is a pretty cool gift for people. I bought it just because it looked like something that I could give out for gifts and when I heard the response from people, I bought a few more including one for my family. We always are passing it around and it’s become the nightly go to for us all. Small enough to easily use on yourself, but strong enough to really give a lot of power. My favorite thing is probably the carrying case though. It’s great for taking it on the road with us.

  32. Mason

    How did I survive before I had this?! I’ve been using it for a few months now and its such a valuable tool for active people.

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