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The PRO BOOST works to power away aches and pains, allowing you to live life the way you want to. 

Built to be easy to use, powerful, and with the ultimate capability to enhance your ability to move more freely and efficiently. The PRO BOOST will quickly get you back to training at your highest level.

If you’re looking for the most professional product utilized by therapists, professional trainers, and sports professionals, the PRO BOOST, is your best friend. Get the same results at home by owning your own powerful massage tool. Looking to accelerate your warm up? Ready to take care of yourself and recover quickly after your workouts? With the PRO BOOST, you'll be able to train hard and recover fast!

Featuring 6 massage heads and multiple levels of intensity to choose from, you have everything you need to address every pain, injury, or muscle group.

Technical Specifications

  • 4 Speeds (1300 - 3300 Strokes per minute)
  • < 60 dB working sound level
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life (2400mAh Lithium-ion)
  • 126w of force
  • 1kg of weight (1.9kg with case & accessories)
  • Increased handle length to reach trouble spots by yourself
  • 24 month warranty

What's Included?

  • PRO BOOST Percussion Massager
  • 2.400mAh Lithium-ion Battery (built in)
  • Carrying Case
  • Charging Cord
  • 6 Removable Attachments
  • Retractiv manual in English with usage tips and instructions

32 reviews for PRO BOOST

  1. Eriks

    This product is good. The power is very strong. Happy with this purchase.

    • Retractiv

      Hello Eriks,
      thanks for your review. Keep on using Retractiv products for the ultimate muscle wellness!

  2. Luis

    Ever since I started to use the massage gun, I have been able to address my pain without the help of a professional.

  3. Gary

    We love the power it provides! We’re constantly grabbing it and using it without needing to charge each time. This was a very good value buy for our family.

  4. John

    I ordered this in hopes of easing some of my constant back pain. It has been a dream. There is a fantastic carrying case included with multiple heads for reaching different spots best. In addition, the user manual was very detailed and easy to understand. My wife and I use this every single day now on one another. Could not be happier with this.

    • Retractiv

      Dear John,
      thanks for your positive review. We are trying to offer a quality product, with a real customer service, at a competitive price.
      Please don’t forget to follow our Instagram page @retractivsports

  5. Hugo

    What an amazing product! Strong and powerful. All my teammates want to use it.

  6. Toms

    Very happy to have purchased this. I will have it by my side all the time.

  7. Lisa

    Don’t hesitate with this. I have had knots in my back which have been driving me crazy!!! This massage gun has the power to break them down. It is heavy duty and top quality.

  8. Leon

    As a Physiotherapist I use it on a personal and a professional level. It has a very powerful punch to it.

  9. David

    I’ve run through multiple massage guns over the years, so I figured I would give this one a try. Very glad I did. It has great power and durability.

  10. Kenneth

    Extremely powerful tool. It really gets into knots and deep trouble zones.

  11. Wayne

    I used to be a professional athlete and my body has taken a beating, so I need some therapy on a regular basis. This massage gun has been the best way to get therapy constantly without spending a ton of money.
    I use it before and after my workouts and it works amazingly.

  12. Johana

    Looking around online it’s hard to tell what massage guns to get. After searching for too long, I picked the PRO BOOST and am glad that I did. It’s been very strong with great battery power. Pleased with this purchase and would order it again.

  13. Tim

    Pretty good product. I’m definitely happy I made the choice that I did.

  14. Gloria

    Feels amazing and always keeps my muscles fresh.

  15. Rebecca

    Very pleased with my purchase. One thing I really enjoy is that it has multiple speeds and massage heads.

  16. Julia

    It’s really easy to use and improves those tight muscles by loosening them quickly.

  17. Nathan

    My workouts are pretty intense and take a large toll on my body. The consistent running, jumping, lifting creates a lot of tension. This product saves me money by cutting out the need for expensive massages.With the various power settings, I’m able to get into deep trouble spots and really feel much better. If you need a way to recover faster, at a very good price point, I would recommend this for sure.

  18. Clarke

    I have had two other massage guns die on me pretty quickly and so far this one has held up.

  19. Nick

    I’m a fan of these types of products, but can say that you don’t really know you need it until you get it. It’s great for athletes and those who aren’t athletes as well. I use it daily to address general pains and so does my wife. It’s not too heavy and sits well in your hands.

  20. Julius

    This is definitely a top of the line product and just as good or even better than others on the market. I love the feel of the carrying case as well as the quality and feel of everything else included. It’s well worth the money.

  21. Mario

    Really helpful for relieving sore muscles right away. Since it has multiple attachments, you can really dig deep and target any aching muscles. I found the power to be incredible and frankly, the top speed is not always needed. It’s a very good tool overall.

  22. Dan

    If you’re looking for a really strong massage product, then this will definitely do the job. It is good sized and super effective so taking away pain spots, it works. I will continue to use it and wouldn’t hesitate to get another one in the future.

  23. April

    This product works for breaking down knots and also for just those wanting to enjoy a nice massage. If you have sore muscles from working out or simple day to day tasks then it’s going to address those issues fast.

  24. Tracy

    Because of working from home now, I have been hunched over a computer and my phone for many hours each day. Each morning I was waking up with pain in my neck and shoulders and very tight hips. I had a physic who used this model on me and I felt such relief that I decided to buy my own for the home.

  25. Joey

    I’ve used other massage products and this one is my favorite. It has a strong battery and good power.

  26. Mia

    First time I used it, I was instantly in love! Now, I use it daily and keep it right next to the bed to use in the morning and at night and the difference in how I feel and move is very noticeable.

  27. Claudette

    What a great tool to use. It is my first time using the percussion massagers and I am really pleased with how impactful they are. Have they really been available and I didn’t know it?! Cannot live without it.

  28. Mark

    Holy smokes is this thing good or what…Buy it! Strong as can be and the battery actually lasts!

  29. Vivian

    Great product and customer service. Received a follow up after I got the product to check on how it was. Was something more than the usual follow up set emails, so I appreciated that personal touch.

  30. Matilda

    The PRO BOOST makes my warm up and recovery so much easier. It’s now become habit and I don’t do a workout with utilizing it before and after. Super happy with his product.

  31. Fiona

    This is a very very powerful product which we bought for use at my clinic. Patients love it and it has helped us market more services. People come back consistently requesting it. Really glad we bought one and will keep buying when we have a need. Thanks for the help!

  32. Thomas

    Thank you for the great service. Once I placed the order, the product was delivered in just days and I even received a follow up from the staff to make sure everything was good. Such a nice gesture in today’s world. I don’t think it’s possible to ignore the power of the PRO either. It really hits you where you need it. It was my first time using a product like this and I really love it.

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